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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel aviv has an astonishing variety of restaurants and one can be sure to find the place that caters to the specific cuisine that you desire when out and about in the city. Fast-food joints with both international and Israeli food choices, caf?s with expansive light menus, elegant restaurants with gourmet dishes, fresh-fruit stands and, of course, ice cream parlors are just some of the options.
The legendary Abu Hasan in Jaffa is famous for it's authentic Arab Hummus and is one of the famous fast-food places that Israel is famous for.  Raphael is a chic bistro which emphasis use of local produce and draws inspiration from cooking methods from around the world- it is also considered to be one of Tel Aviv's most elegant restaurants.  High-quality Kosher restaurants can also be found in Tel Aviv, including Lilith, a fine establishment that successfully juggles social awareness; teenagers-at-risk are employed as kitchen-staff in an attempt to introduce them to the professional world; and impressive culinary delights. Ice-cream parlors in Tel Aviv are an adventure-unto-themselves with traditional flavors found alongside weird and wonderful flavors such as alcohol liqueurs and the Middle-Eastern sweet Halva.
These are a just a mere handful of the exciting eating opportunities that Tel Aviv has to offer…

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Giraffe's Officers Club- a fantasy of British or french Officers dining room in southeast Asia- was established as Giraffe's chain crown jewel. It offers a more luxurious and sophisticated experience than the other branches of this chain. A modern interpretation of Western and Chinese restaurants from the old times, with uncompromising quality.

Catit was established in the village of Kfar Ruth in 2002 and quickly became famous for the outstanding culinary experience that it offered. Meir Adoni, the chef, has made a name for himself due to the exquisite gastronomic delicacies he prepares that incorporate varied Mediterranean traditions. In 2006, Catit relocated to a stunning historical building in the old area of Tel aviv that perfectly complements the eye-catching dishes that it serves.
The menu incorporates Israeli, French and Italian aspects resulting in spectacular main dishes and dynamite desserts that are all complimented by the perfect wine list. The setting is pleasing to the eye and adds to this rich, taste-filled adventure. Prices are high but my, are they worth it.

The bistro Raphael is a firm favorite of both tourists and locals, with it's French-Israeli blended menu, enjoyed while taking in the splendid view of the Mediterranean from the restaurant's large windows. Rafi Cohen is the legendary chef who runs Raphael and his dishes are famous for being generous, well-presented and reasonably-priced. Moroccan cuisine is a definite influence in the foods that are successful fusions of different cooking methods.
The fantastic menu has been known to change once in a while but old-favorites usually stay put, the wine selection is substantial and the desserts are heavenly. The popularity of Raphael means that it is worthwhile booking in advance because by 21:00 the place is usually very busy. The next-door Hamara bar offers smaller portions of the same delicious food so if you're looking for a different experience it may be worth checking it out.

The resto-bar Nana can be found in the quaint Tel-Avivian neighborhood of Neve tzedek and has been open for over a decade. Nana is made of different magical spaces such as a salon, garden patio and French chateau, exquisitely decorated with art pieces, antiques and unique household objects.
After one gets over the stunning décor, one can delve into the fresh, unfussy Mediterranean food that is served at very reasonable prices. Rich textures, melt-in-the-mouth experiences, delicious desserts are all part and parcel of the Nana Bar experience. The drinks and beverages are more than satisfactory and the bar is one of the most stylish in the city.

A common complaint among visitors and citizens in Israel is that quality Japanese cuisine simply can't be found in this little country. Incorrect. Onami is, without a doubt, the top Japanese restaurant, not only in Tel aviv, but in the whole country. Lovers of Japanese cuisine, you must check this restaurant out. And for those who don't place Japanese cuisine at the top of their "favorites" list- check this place out, your list might just change…
The menu is hugely varied and very imaginative with a variety of Japanese dishes that most people will never have heard of. At the centre of the restaurant is a large bar where the chefs artfully prepare the dishes. For those with no prior knowledge in Japanese cuisine, take a risk and allow the waiters/waitresses to recommend dishes- they do it well and you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. Prices, as with all top Japanese cuisine are not on the moderate side of the scale but it is worth the splurge.

Moadon Ha'Ktzinim translates as The Officer's Club and is owned by those who own the Giraffe chain of restaurants that are known for their Asian-fusion food. The dishes are Asian with special twists that only Giraffe can carry off. Moadon Ha'Ktzinim gathers all of the best Giraffe dishes and takes them up a rung. Rice, noodles and soup dishes from all over Asia are offered at reasonable prices. Moadon Ha'Ktzinim is the perfect place for a casual evening meal.

Dallal is a bistro-inspired restaurant that is situated on the ruins of three beautifully restored buildings, within walking distance of the Suzanne Dallal Centre in Neve tzedek. The lovely view of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the conserved buildings in the area create a special atmosphere that almost takes one back in time to the beginning of Tel aviv when Neve Tzedek was one of the first neighborhoods.
The use of local produce is a given in Dallal and the Chef Golan Garfunkel infuses the dishes with Mediterranean accents. The restaurant itself consists of an outdoor yard, foyer, internal courtyard and hosting area. The food is a fusion of French and Israeli cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, there is a bakery and coffee shop that serve some excellent French pastries and is the perfect place for breakfast.

Adora is owned by Avi Biton, one of Israel's top chefs, who creates exquisite French dishes with a Mediterranean twist.  Adora offers unique dishes that effortlessly blend eastern and western cuisine, in perfect reflection of Israeli society- Arabic, Balkanic, Greek, French and Israeli ingredients are seamlessly combined to produce some of the best French cuisine that Tel aviv has to offer.
The business menus here are undoubtedly some of the most decently priced in Tel Aviv. The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant during the day and intimate in the evening, providing a delightful experience for diners no matter what time of day they pop in.

The Giraffe Noodle Bar is one of the most well-known Asian-fusion restaurants in Tel aviv. It is a stylish yet casual place and the combination of Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Afghan cuisine come together to result in excellent noodle dishes that can be personalized according to your taste and budget. With huge portions, be sure to leave room for dessert- the desserts are legendary in Tel Aviv.

Benedict's unique twist in a city heaving with restaurants is that it serves breakfasts 24 hours a day; seven days a week. It will probably come as no surprise that Benedict's special is eggs benedict, and in addition the breakfasts served there can transport one to places all over the globe; Israel, England, France, Texas, to name just a few. Homemade bread and butter accompanies every meal and the portions are hefty- one breakfast is definitely enough for two.
An amusing feature in Benedict's is the will to convince customers that it is morning- all day long- so don’t be taken aback when the waiting staff greet you with a cheery "good morning!" in the middle of the night or by the fact that morning papers can be found there around the clock…

Charcuterie is the unique combination of a lively atmosphere, outdoor dining and fantastic meat dishes. The location of the restaurant on a side street by the Jaffa flea market, adds to the character of the place.
The specialty of Charcuterie is, unsurprisingly, meat dishes and different kinds of sausages, along with salumi, sirloin steak and veal are offered. The handmade sausages and ham are legendary. The dishes are medium-sized and there is also a selection of simple pasta, fish and vegetable dishes but the place is definitely for the carnivores among us. The lively atmosphere moves up a notch after 22:00 and it has not been unknown for dancing to break out.

Kalimera is a restaurant situated in the Jaffa Harbor- one side of the restaurant provides a view of the Old City of Jaffa, while the other looks out over the Mediterranean Sea. Kalimera is unique in its seamless combination of the Middle East and the Far East; tableware from Vietnam, colors from Greece, products from the Far and Near East and cuisine from Israel come together passionately. All courses are middle courses and intended for sharing and the variety of flavors is wide- seafood, fish, meat, salads, focaccia and much, much more.

Manta Ray is the ultimate beachfront restaurant, located on a stretch of the Tel Avivian coast and a perfect place to take in the sunset over the Mediterranean. The simple food is flavorful and with a Middle Eastern twist, offering dishes that uniquely combine traditional Middle Eastern and contemporary western. The 12-appetizer dish is the signature plate with its exciting blend of dishes. Manta Ray opens at 9:00 and offers a breakfast menu until midday.
It is recommended to reserve places in advance.

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