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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel aviv has an astonishing variety of restaurants and one can be sure to find the place that caters to the specific cuisine that you desire when out and about in the city. Fast-food joints with both international and Israeli food choices, caf?s with expansive light menus, elegant restaurants with gourmet dishes, fresh-fruit stands and, of course, ice cream parlors are just some of the options.
The legendary Abu Hasan in Jaffa is famous for it's authentic Arab Hummus and is one of the famous fast-food places that Israel is famous for.  Raphael is a chic bistro which emphasis use of local produce and draws inspiration from cooking methods from around the world- it is also considered to be one of Tel Aviv's most elegant restaurants.  High-quality Kosher restaurants can also be found in Tel Aviv, including Lilith, a fine establishment that successfully juggles social awareness; teenagers-at-risk are employed as kitchen-staff in an attempt to introduce them to the professional world; and impressive culinary delights. Ice-cream parlors in Tel Aviv are an adventure-unto-themselves with traditional flavors found alongside weird and wonderful flavors such as alcohol liqueurs and the Middle-Eastern sweet Halva.
These are a just a mere handful of the exciting eating opportunities that Tel Aviv has to offer…

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Asian food is all over Israel, everywhere you go, you're bombarded by places claiming to serve "real" Asian food; but there is only one truly authentic Thai place in Israel- the Thai House. The place was opened by an Israeli who lived for many years in Thailand and finally moved back with his family and opened this gem.
The emphasis in this place is one-hundred per cent on the food- not too much effort put into the décor because to be honest once you eat the food you are transformed to another place. The dishes are simply divine, from filling soups to seafood in curry, from noodles to dumplings, from fish to stunning salads. The flavorful foods are suggested and served by well-informed and enthusiastic waiting staff.
For those wanting food that isn’t too heavy yet filling and tasty, the Thai House is the perfect option.

This discreet restaurant is tucked away on Ben Yehuda street- the kind of place you've probably walked past time and time again without even realizing it. Now we're going to let you in on a true gem of a place- this restaurant is incredibly cheap and serves fine Tripolitai (Libyan) food.  The décor is simple and homey and makes you feel like you've walked into momma's kitchen.
The stews and meat dishes are by far the best dishes on offer but having said that, the Hummus and falafel are , in their own right, quite…well, perfect. If you’re short on time, you can pick up those dreamy falafel balls at the stand next to the restaurant. You simply won't be disappointed, no matter what you order here; anything from the salad, warm pitta and chicken soup will keep you coming back for more to this legendary restaurant whose bills will make your mouth drop- due to their incredibly low totals!

Goocha; the most popular seafood restaurant in Tel aviv, uniquely offering seafood dishes that can be found in seafood restaurants in the USA, is the place to see and be seen. There are two branches- it started on trendy, young Dizengoff and was followed up by a second, more family-friendly branch on Ibn Gvirol.
The affordable menu is divided into appetizers, pastas, satays, rice and desserts. Classic seafood dishes with some surprises along the way, all at friendly prices makes this restaurant one worth checking out.

Rustico is an excellent rustic Italian restaurant with two Tel aviv branches; one on Basel Street, one on Rothschild Street. One of the few Italian restaurants that can call itself that without making the Italian cringe. The chef, Sartirani, is an experienced Italian chef and together with brothers Ivo and Lior Gvily, they create excellent pasta dishes, pizzas, meat and seafood entrees and divine desserts.  With high-quality pasta, fresh ingredients, fabulous flavors, a lovely atmosphere and excellent service, Rustico provides a fantastic all-round dining experience.

Tony Vespa is undoubtedly one of the best pizza places in Tel aviv. After a morning of shopping or a night of clubbing, this is the place to drop into to pick up a delicious slice of pizza. The choice of toppings is varied, from vegetarian choices to meaty, from extra-cheesy to packed with vegetables. Tony Vespa is original in that their pizzas are long and rectangular and one chooses the size of the slice one wants and then pays according to the weight- a filling slice usually costs around twenty shekels. There are two branches of Tony Vespa and neither places deliver.

Amore Mio- the traditional Italian experience in the heart of Tel aviv.  The owners Susannah and Shlomi Salomon flew to Italy and studied intensively the secrets of Italian cuisine, with an emphasis on pizza and dough preparation. On their return, they opened the Pizza Pazza restaurant that is adjacent to Amore Mio and a short while after Amore Mio came into being- a homey Italian restaurant that is dedicated to creating authentic, delicious Italian food.
The foods that feature in Amore Mio range from focaccia to pastries, from pastas to pizzas, from fine meat dishes to traditional desserts. All dishes are high-quality, using the best ingredients and keeping loyal to the Italian cuisine. The décor of the restaurant is warm with wooden furniture and pictures of various Italian regions. The place has a definite romantic feel to it in the evening and the service is always attentive and generous.

charlotte is nestled in a small street by the Carmel market in the Nachalat Binyamin neighborhood. The restaurant is Mediterraneo-fusion with thoroughly creative dishes, everything created from scratch, including the pasta, bread and desserts. Every single dish that you will order is truly impressive and bursting with flavor. Seafood, pasta dishes and kobe beef (the only restaurant in Israel to offer it on its regular menu), fish dishes and intriguing salads make up the gastronomical adventure that Hatzela Hashminit is.
The pure imagination, creativity and international flavors accompanied by the excellent service and warm atmosphere make Hatzela Hashminit a fantastic choice for a truly amazing experience.

Those looking for the complete Italian experience need look no further- Boccaccio, with it's sensuous artwork, culinary creations, incredible view of the sea and family atmosphere includes all the dominant motifs in Italian culture. The luxurious rural décor adds to the warm ambience and as one eats the artistic food, it is hard to know where to look first- at your plate, the works of arts, murals, statues or the stunning sea view!
Tempting starters, a vast range of pastas accompanied by freshly-made sauces, meat, seafood and indulgent desserts combine to form a stunning harmony of food, art and culture.

Shakuf is relatively new to the Israeli dining scene and has opened up a whole new world of dining due to the unusual combination of ingredients, surprising presentation, open-kitchen set-out and European touch. The chef Eldad Shem Tov apprenticed at some top-notch restaurants in Europe, including Nomi in Denmark, considered to be one of the best restaurants in the world. Shem Tov was taken by the European approach to dining and created his place from scratch, aiming to appeal to the diner's mind as well as palate.
Organic local produce is used as well as organic meat and chicken to create fantastic creations that combine surprising flavors that have a true wow-factor. Mediterranean dishes are served with novel twists as well as unusual combinations of meat, fish and vegetables. Diners sit at a bar facing the open kitchen or can choose to sit at tables away from the bar. The restaurant is made to sit forty so it’s worth reserving in advance.

Photography by Itai Aviran

Itzik Hagadol serves genuine Middle Eastern cuisine in the centre of Jaffa. Countless salads, falafel, laffa flatbread made on site in the taboon oven, skewers of turkey shishlik, lamb, veal and chicken as well as grilled entrees such as fillet mignon, lamb chops and sea bass are among the delights that this restaurant has to offer. The main piece of advice to offer to those interested in visiting  is to come with a large appetite!

Mel & Michelle is the perfect restaurant for a romantic date with it’s small, intimate setting and delectable Italian cuisine. The wooden floors, fifties-style wallpaper and oil paintings really create the feeling of a family-owned Italian business. Nir Wayman is the promising chef at the helm and Italian dishes with Mediterranean twists are what are on offer.
Country-style breads, pasta, gnocchi , meats and some excellent vegetarian dishes can be found on the menu and the same unpretentious charm that characterizes the place is reflected in the splendidly flavorful food. The service is pleasant, the wine list satisfactory and the desserts an absolute must; their desserts have earned this place a reputation throughout Tel aviv.

The Crowne Plaza City Center Hotel in Tel aviv is home to The 11th Floor restaurant which is- you guessed it- located on the eleventh floor of the building. It provides a stunning view of the urban, Tel-Avivian landscape. The restaurant is spacious, the dishes creative and tasty and the service top-class, making for a fantastic culinary experience. The outstanding kosher menu offers fantastic aromas and flavors.

In northern Tel aviv one can find the Juno restaurant tucked away on a small street next to Milano Square. Juno is a wine bar, combined with a wine store that offers Italian cuisine delicacies. 120 wines from all over the world are on offer here with a focus on Israeli boutique wines. The décor is warm and inviting, the music pleasant, the experience unpretentious. The menu features grappas, dessert wines, Cuban cigars, side dishes to enjoy with the wine such as tapas, Italian style cold meat cuts, boutique cheeses, pastries and desserts.

At noontime on Fridays, diners are treated to a rich buffet with each glass of wine ordered, in honor of the Shabbat. Once a month there is a wine-tasting evening in the restaurant. There is also a unique and rare collection of wine bottle openers in Juno, some a few centuries old. Juno is charming, unique and thoroughly enjoyable.

"A guest arrives empty, hungry and a stranger. It is a divine privilege to bring him joy." –Josepha

Josepha was a very special woman who lived in Madrid. She raised eleven children and was famous for her incredible hospitality despite her meager means. She had a custom to ask guests not what they would like to eat, but what they would like to feel. According to the answer she would concoct the perfect dish for that individual.

Josepha's granddaughter decided to eternalize her grandmother's spirit and kitchen in Israel. If you happen to be passing by the corner in Tel aviv where Frishman and Dizengoff meet, be sure to pop in and you will be sure to leave happy, full and satisfied. There are meat dishes, Spanish dishes, European food and tapas on offer as well as a wine bar. 

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