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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel aviv has an astonishing variety of restaurants and one can be sure to find the place that caters to the specific cuisine that you desire when out and about in the city. Fast-food joints with both international and Israeli food choices, caf?s with expansive light menus, elegant restaurants with gourmet dishes, fresh-fruit stands and, of course, ice cream parlors are just some of the options.
The legendary Abu Hasan in Jaffa is famous for it's authentic Arab Hummus and is one of the famous fast-food places that Israel is famous for.  Raphael is a chic bistro which emphasis use of local produce and draws inspiration from cooking methods from around the world- it is also considered to be one of Tel Aviv's most elegant restaurants.  High-quality Kosher restaurants can also be found in Tel Aviv, including Lilith, a fine establishment that successfully juggles social awareness; teenagers-at-risk are employed as kitchen-staff in an attempt to introduce them to the professional world; and impressive culinary delights. Ice-cream parlors in Tel Aviv are an adventure-unto-themselves with traditional flavors found alongside weird and wonderful flavors such as alcohol liqueurs and the Middle-Eastern sweet Halva.
These are a just a mere handful of the exciting eating opportunities that Tel Aviv has to offer…

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Bar Giora is a multi-level  entertainment venue which offers a lovely evening out. On entering the establishment there is a bistro with a great selection of food. Further in one can find the bar. The main attraction, however, is the small intimate lounge in the basement which serves as a live music performance area with different acts every evening. The audience is young and vibrant, the performers varied and coming from an array of different musical genres- blues, jazz, rock and acoustic, to name just a few. Monday evenings are open stage and there is a DJ in the house on Fridays.

The Coffee Bar is the first place opened 18 years ago by the R2M company which also owns the Brasserie, Hotel Montefiore, the two branches of the Bakery, Rothschild 12 cafe and the Delicatessen.

This Italian-tinged American bistro has succeded against all odds when it opened in an off-center industrial neighborhood and became one of the leading restaurants in Tel-Aviv with it's special atmosphere and high quality food.

Located on the main floor of the hotel, this Prestigious restaurant considered one of the hip and qualitative places in the city. Hotel Montefiore serves brasserie cuisine under Vietnamese spell for lunch and dinner, but also offers a unique pastries selection with coffee for the morning and a good late night drink on the bar.

The old man and the sea Old jaffa port is the second branch of the famous restaurant at Kedem St.
Now that the restaurant has branched out, it has a new location in the Jaffa harbor. The new setting corresponds with the restaurant's character: the boats anchoring at the marina, the pastoral combination of new and old and the smell of sea in the air complete its true nature.
The Old Man and the Sea's menu includes a selection of fresh salads, which are prepared daily by the restaurant's kitchen staff, unique second and main courses and great fish, seafood and meats.

Max Brenner, the most famous Israeli chocolate shop chain, has created a name for itself not only in Israel but in its branches world-wide for settling the cravings of the most die-hard chocolate addicts.
 The café is the perfect place to come for a chocolate lift- be it a hot chocolate drink or a delectable dessert- ranging from chocolate cheesecake crepes to chocolate surprise tiramisu, from deep fudge chocolate cake to chocolate fondues. There is also a large cocktail menu, aside from the heavenly chocolate products.
The café also offers a large selection of meals that have nothing to do with chocolate, but in all honesty, if you come here you should come for the chocolate. The café also includes a shop where one can buy a piece of chocolate heaven to take home, to prolong the decadent experience, including a spa collection based on chocolate!

The Italian in the Flea Market restaurant is a wonderfully authentic Italian restaurant that offers a wide range of pizza, pasta and even a few meat dishes right by the famous Jaffa Flea Market. The place is renowned for its delicious starter dishes and for the extremely reasonable prices. The atmosphere in the place is fantastic, with most of the tables outside on the streets of Jaffa, creating an exciting dining experience.

Vashti is located at the Jaffa Clock Square and visitors enjoy sea breezes from the Mediterranean, views of the old walls of Jaffa and a laidback atmosphere. Artwork is hung from the walls of the room, adding to the unique atmosphere and making a visit to the restaurant a pleasure for all the sense, not just the taste buds. The young chef, Merav Davidson does not limit herself to a specific cuisine and makes use of fresh, high-quality ingredients as she prepares aesthetically-pleasing, light-flavored dishes.

The La Champa bar in Tel aviv offers a concept that wasn’t so well-known in Tel Aviv before and that is an alcoholic menu based largely on the Spanish Cava with tapas and meat dishes, sausages and more. The dishes are not large but are extremely tasty and not much is needed alongside the drink. The crowds are friendly, the Spanish music enjoyably pleasant and the atmosphere homey. Prices are also not especially expensive.

Dixie is a Manhattan-style steak house that aims to provide great food in an intimate environment and that is just what it does. The mahogany décor, menu that changes three times a year, the range of wines from leading Israeli wineries, the menu that also changes throughout the 24 hours of the day that the restaurant is open all contribute to the out-standing name that Dixie has made for itself. Next door to Dixie is the sister-store, Philadelphia that sells the Dixie favorites as take-aways.

Humus Shlomo and Doron (Hakompleat) has been a hub of serving humus since 1937. The father is said to have started the business way back when the British still had Palestine as one of their colonies. Shlomo is the son and has got a well experienced hand at humus prep. Shlomo's Hummus is hidden under layers and alleys of the Carmel market. This is not a very easy place to find, but worth it!

The Vitrina Sausage Grill is a firm favorite for Americans visiting or residing in Israel, with its exceptionally authentic American cuisine. Gourmet sausages and burgers, French fries, sweet potato fries and accompaniments of unique ketchups are just some of the foods on offer here. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the service excellent and it is located very conveniently in the centre of Tel aviv. For those craving a bit of America, look no further!

Fleamrket restaurant is located in the heart of Jaffa's flea-market. The restaurant offers a modern and veried menu together with a unique atmosphere. In the menu you can find Italian, Spanish and local influances followed by wide wine selection.

Pasta Mia is owned by Giorgio and Maya, who learnt the art of pasta making and Italian cuisine from Giorgio's Italian parents and having spent time in Italy learning cookery, they also learnt the secrets of pasta-making from an old lady who owned a pasta shop there. on their return they decided to open Pasta Mia, a place dedicated to showing people the magical world of pasta and having them enjoy it in a place that would make them feel like they've come home.
Every day different pastas and sauces are available to buy and prepare at home impressing everyone with your Italian cuisine cooking skills, or to eat and enjoy in the restaurant that has a great atmosphere and excellent service. What makes Pasta Mia especially distinctive, apart from the handmade pasta and sauces, is the additional seafood and fish on offer.

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