Health Care in Israel

Health Care in Israel

Visitors do not need to get any vaccinations before entering the country. A valid health insurance should definitely be taken care of before coming. Drinking water throughout the day is compulsory and it is therefore highly recommended to carry water with you at all times. Tap water in Israel is perfectly safe to drink.

The healthcare facilities in Israel are on the level of the highly-developed country that it is. Almost all health care professionals in Israel understand and speak good English. There are well-stocked pharmacies all over Israel with all the over-counter medication you could possibly need. Some cities have 24-hour pharmacies and drugstore services.

If you are staying in a hotel and fell ill, the front desk can arrange for a doctor to visit you in the comfort of your room. If staying with friends or family, you can be referred to their local clinic. When speaking of serious injury or illness, the emergency rooms in the hospitals are of the highest western standards and you can rest assured that you will receive the best medical care.

Emergency Numbers

·         Police 100

·         Magen David Adom- Emergency Medical Services 101

They provide 24-hour medical services as well as ambulance services to the nearest hospital.

·         Fire Services 102

·         Shakhal 1-800-444-666\1-800-221-818

A private service providing emergency care in cardiac emergencies

·         Tourist Police 03-516-5382

Can be called by tourists in the case of emergencies. Their office is located on the corner of Geula and Herbert Samuel Streets, Tel aviv.