Tel aviv Museums

It is no secret that Tel Aviv is regarded as the cultural centre of Israel and for the Museum-lovers amongst us, it should be known that there are an incredible twenty-three museums (as of now) in this creative, bubbling metropolis and one can practically find a museum on any matter of interest.
 Some of the highly-recommended ones include the Eretz Yisrael Museum which is a huge multi-disciplinary museum that holds both permanent and changing exhibitions on subjects such as Israeli history and culture; the Hagana Museum which is situated in one of the first buildings that were built in Tel Aviv and takes the visitor on an historical adventure of the Israeli military from before the establishment of the State until present day; the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a must for any art enthusiast, displaying different kinds of art from different centuries and countries; the Ilana Goor Museum is dedicated to the work of the Israeli artist Ilana Goor as well as other artists and is located in an eighteenth-century building in Old jaffa.