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ilana goor museum, jaffa

The Ilana Goor museum is located in the picturesque alleyways of Old jaffa, where history is felt in every stone. Goor is a renowned artist who has displayed her sculptures in the world leading galleries; and awarded Roscoe prize for best design.

The museum, also her home, is housed in a building over 270 years old, originally an inn for Jewish pilgrims arriving in Jaffa, on their way to Jerusalem.

The museum boasts over five hundred works of art created by artist Ilana Goor as well as other young (Avni, Piorsky, Barest) and renown artists (Giacometti, Moore, Lifshitz ) from Israel and abroad.

A visit to the Ilana Goor Museum is an invitation to experience unmitigated, powerful art as opposed to the norms in other museums, it enables the public to look at art works from the perspective of the museum’s artist, collector and curator, and not just observe them as museum exhibits in a sterile and academic gestalt. Architecture, paintings, sculptures, photography, antiques; tribal art, video art, design elements and functional art - all of these comprise the experience that this unique museum offers.

As a collector of art, Goor has a clear preference for works that reflect high levels of self-awareness, social and/or politics issues. Nevertheless, despite the eclecticism of the collection, each room has its own unique character.

Ilana goor - Inside museum

The result of the unexpected connections created by the artist-collector on both thematic and visual levels makes the museum unusual and existing.

During the museum tour, visitors can experience the splendid combination of the building’s graceful architecture and the rich artistic presentation within, and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

The museum is under constant renewal, as regards both acquisitions and the impressive discoveries made in the structure itself. For example, the original kitchen ceiling (1742) was exposed about two years ago. The ceiling is built in the beehive technique. The cement started to peel off, and during the reconstruction work the special ceiling was discovered. The bottles inside the cement are called "amphors".

Their purpose was to distribute the weight of the heavy ceiling and to isolate the air. The hot air went up and got stuck in the bottles.
Today, it is also a decorative motif. It makes the heavy ceiling look lighter, like a lace.

More recently, Goor created a new limited series of furniture, which includes 15 different pieces: tables, chairs, floor lamps and tea trolleys.

Goor has masterful control over iron and the industrial works she creates are crude but impressive. Some of the works combine iron, wood, leather, fabric, glass and transparent plastic - a fascinating combination of powerful materials with delicate and soft materials. Goor describes them as “furniture that resembles a machine without an engine.”

ilana goor museum inside look

Ilana goor main hall

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