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The Ahava Israeli Cosmetics Company manufactures skin care products made of mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea. Ahava is the only cosmetics company licensed by the Israeli government to mine raw materials at the Dead Sea. Ziva Gilad is a spa technician and she was the one who came up with the idea of marketing Dead Sea mud after seeing women tourists scooping up the mud to take home. The company was founded in 1988 as a single stand that sold bottles of body scrub to tourists.
Today the Ahava products line include products for all different skin types, anti-aging products, hand creams, foot creams, facial cleansers, body milk, facial nourishing cream, facial moisturizer, shower cream and body cream. The benefits of the products are far-reaching with thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world.
When visiting the Dead Sea region, be sure to drop in to the official Ahava Store that is located approximately 10km north of Ein Gedi in Kibbutz Shalem, directly across Route 90 from the Mineral Beach.


phone: 08-995-2073

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 9:00-22:30

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