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The desert oasis of Ein Feshka was renamed "Einot Tzukim" "Cliff Springs" by Israel when it fell into Israeli hands during the Six Day War. Today it is a nature reserve and archaeological site. Einot Tzukim is located approximately three kilometers south of Qumran on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea.
Einot Tzukim is the lowest nature reserve in the world and one of the most stunning nature reserves in Israel. In 1969 Einot Tzukim was declared a nature reserve and in the years that followed it was divided into three sections; the northern closed off area, the central open-to-the-public area and the southern hidden area.
The northern area, which covers about 2,700 dunam, cannot be visited and only professionals enter once in a while to check that nothing has been damaged. In this section nature is allowed to "do its thing", without being interrupted by human beings.
The central section covers about 500 dunam and this is where the natural spring pools are situated. Visitors are invited to enjoy, swim and hike. There are shaded areas, cloakrooms, bathrooms, picnic tables and abundant vegetation. Also found in this section is the archaeological site that dates back to the Second Temple period with fascinating findings such as a Herodian mansion and the only persimmon perfume-producing apparatus in Israel.
The southern 1,500 dunam section is where guided tours take place in order to allow the general public to enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty while ensuring that it won't be damaged. A guided tour has to be booked in advance.


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