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A mere ten minute ride from Eilat one can find the Camel Ranch in Nachal Shlomo, surrounded by the stunning desert landscape. A range of family activities are offered in the ranch and entrance is free. A range of circuits are on offer for families, groups and organizations. As well as the unique experience of camel riding in the desert, the ranch offers other special experiences such as group activities, fun days, Bedouin hospitality, pre-wedding parties and more.


address: Take the Eilat-Taba road until you reach the right-hand turn to Nachal Shlomo. Follow the Camel Ranch signs for about 1,700 meters and you will arrive at the parking lot.

phone: 08-637-0022\08-637-0022

Open Hours: Mon-Sat, Closed in the summer between the hours of 13:00 and 17:00

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