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The Evrona Nature Reserve is located in the Sothern Arava region, not far from the Arava border crossing. The nature reserve is rich in natural resources, beautiful views and history. Within the forty square kilometer nature reserve is another nature reserve called Doum Palms. The Doum Palms Reserve is a stunning group of Egyptian Doum Palms. The Egyptian Doum Palm is a rare tree in Israel- Israel is one of the most northern places that the tree grows in in the world. Apart from the small Doum Palms Reserve, the Evrona Nature Reserve is made up of a savannah landscape that includes acacia trees, deer herds, salt pools and magnificent views of the Edom Mountains in the east. How to get there: The Doum Palms Reserve can be reached tens of meters to the south-west of the Arava border crossing (named after Yitzchak Rabin). Road number 109 will get you there.


Open Hours: Open all day, nighttime visits are prohibited

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