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Tabgha (also known as Tabkha) or Ein Sheva in Hebrew, is a small area on the north-westerly shore of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret in Hebrew). Tabgha is not far from the Mount of Beatitudes from where Jesus spoke his most famous sermon. In ancient times Tabgha was known as Heptapegon, meaning "Place of the Seven Springs."  These seven springs produce warm water, increasing the production of algae which in turn attracts more fish. Fishermen have therefore flocked to this site in droves for thousands of years.
Byzantine pilgrims would also visit the Heptapegon in droves in order to rest  under the shady trees and to take advantage of the excellent fishing. In fact, tow of the three pilgrimage destinations in the area relate to abundant food- the miracle of the loaves and fishes during Jesus' Galilean ministry and a lakeside breakfast after his resurrection.
Tabgha is a beautiful area with much to see and is a popular site for modern Christian pilgrims with Capernaum to the north and the Galilee Boat to the south.


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