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The Tomb of Maimonides is located in central Tiberias on the western shore of the Kinneret. Maimonides died in Egypt in 1204 and was briefly buried there before being reinterred in Tiberias. The tomb of Maimonides is one of the most important Jewish pilgrimage sites in Israel and one of Tiberias' most visited attractions. Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz and Yokhanan Ben-Zakkai are also buried on the same site.
There are a number of legends told about the burial of Maimonides. Firstly, according to Jewish tradition his bones we placed for a week in a small shrine where he had studied and healed strangers. Some believe his bones never left Egypt whereas others believe that he was then buried in Tiberias.
Another legend tells of a group of Bedouins who came to attack the funeral cortege as it marched through the desert until they realized that it was the funeral of the man who had attended to them and their families for free. As a result, they formed a protective guard instead for the procession as it made its way to Palestine.
The Tomb of Maimonides is found a mere five minutes from the Central Bus Station in Tiberias. Walk up Yokhanan Ben-Zakkai Street from haYarden Street; the tomb is two blocks up on the right up a wide stairway.
•    Please respect the sanctity of the place by dressing modestly- scarves are available to borrow at the entrance.


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