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The Yigal Allon Promenade in Tiberias is more commonly known as the Tiberias Promenade ("HaTayellet" in Hebrew. The Promenade offers a pleasant stroll by the water, allowing visitors to take in the beautiful view and to eat their fill at one of the many fish restaurants which fill it. Sunset and the evening are particularly special times to visit the Promenade, with a multi-colored sky tucking way the sun.
The Yigal Allon Promenade is located near to the Old City of Tiberias and the small Marina. in the tourist seasons there are stalls that line the Promenade, offering arts and crafts items, house decorations, henna tattoos, beads and other similarly inessential but unique souvenirs.
In recent years the Yigal Allon Promenade has been renovated and it is well worth visiting this site, finding a quiet spot and simply taking in the gentle breeze that blows over the Kinneret.


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