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In the Lower Galilee stands the majestic Mount Arbel with it's breath-taking views of the Kinneret, the Golan heights and Mount Hermon. The mountain is part of the history-rich Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve and contains beautiful observation points, hiking trails and archaeological treasures, as well as being the only place that is approved for base jumping in Israel.
The fantastic views from the top of Mount Arbel can be reached on foot or by car and as well as beautiful Galilean scenery, one can see the Horns of Hittin; the place where Saladin defeated the Crusaders in 1187.
In the slopes of Mount Arbel are caves where Jewish people hid from the Romans and Greeks which date back to the Second Temple Period. Additionally, an ancient Synagogue is situated on the mountain and the ruins can be viewed today.
The ascent to the top of the mountain is a part of the Israel National Trail and there are also a number of shorter trails for walkers of all levels.


address: Golani Junction on Tveria Road (77), turn at Kfar Hittim Junction to road 7717

phone: 04-673-2904

Open Hours: Summer 8:00-17:00, Winter 8:00-16:00

Categories : Nature Reserves

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