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Dagei Dafna (meaning "Dafna's Fish") is located near Kibbutz Dafna and offers, among other things, an overnight campground for visitors. The complex is also home to a famous fish restaurant and a water park where one can fish trout and carp and then eat them using the barbecue facilities offered on site. The lovely campgrounds are shady and green and include a brook, an extension of the nearby Dan stream. This is also a wonderful place to start an abundance of trails in the Galilee Panhandle area.

The Dagei Dafna campgrounds offer bathrooms, showers, electricity, BBQ areas, children's playgrounds, refrigerators, a toddler's pool, picnic tables, a snack bar and vehicle accessibility. No music is allowed on site- a wonderful advantage that ensures a peaceful stay. The campsite is open throughout the year and there is an entrance fee.


address: Route 99, in front of the entrance to Kibbutz Dafna turn south according to the signage

phone: 04-6941-154

Categories : Attractions

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