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HaGoshrim Kayaks-Ma'ayan Baruch provides kayaking experiences on the Hasbani River. On a sunny summer day there is nothing more refreshing than splashing your way through the hour-and-a-half route, surrounded by shady greenery. 

The route is family-friendly and children from the age of five and up can take part in the fun. For those looking for a more adventurous route, there is the waterfall route that takes around two hours to complete and it more adrenalin-filled with waterfalls and changing river speeds. This route is for ten year olds plus.
There are organized shuttles to bring you to the trail's starting point and back to the parking lot afterwards. There are also bathrooms and showers provided at the end of the trail.


address: Kibbutz HaGoshrim

phone: 04-6816-035

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 9:00-16:30

Categories : Attractions

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