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The Circassian Museum in the Galilean village of Rehaniya is dedicated to preserving and promoting Circassian heritage. Circassians are a relatively unheard of minority who reached Israel at the end of the nineteenth century. The Museum provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about these fascinating people who originate from the Caucasus region. 

One can hear a shortened history of the Circassians, hear folk tales, learn about their hospitality, about the special character of the Circassian language and about their integration in to the Israeli Defense Forces. There is an exhibition of traditional costumes as well as house tolls and various items from the nineteenth and twentieth century's.
Near the Museum is the village mosque which is similar in its design to a European church which serves as testimony to the numerous cultural influences that the Circassians have experienced over time.


address: Rehaniya Village

phone: 04-6980-349

Open Hours: Visits to the Museum must be arranged in advance

Categories : Attractions

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