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Bar'am National Park in the Upper Galilee is home to an ancient synagogue with an opulent structure, with beautiful ashlars that reflect the thriving Jewish presence that existed there in the fourth and fifth centuries CE. The synagogue has three gorgeous carved doorways that face Jerusalem, with the central doorway being particularly magnificent. A second, smaller synagogue left practically no remains and its lintel is on display in the Louvre in Paris. The park also contains remains of the Maronite village of Bir'am who had to leave the area in 1948 due to security reasons. The village church still serves as the community's spiritual center. The Bar'am oak forest is close by and contains a reserve of huge Kermes oaks. Special events such as Bar Mitzvahs and weddings are often held at the site. How to get there: The Park is located on Road 899, half a kilometer from the junction of the new northern road.


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Open Hours: Apr-Sep 8:00-17:00, Oct-Mar 8:00-16:00

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