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Gan Hashlosha National Park (also known as Sachne) famously features springs with waters at a constant, year-round temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, making swimming pleasant throughout the year. There is an old water-powered mill operating once again in the park and visitors can also enjoy the display of agricultural tools and the Arab hospitality room (also called madafeh) that has been restored. Tel Amal was one of the Tower and Stockade settlements, established on the night of December 10 1936 and there is a restoration of the settlement in the park. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition of daily objects used by the pioneers and children have the opportunity to put together a model of the settlement. There is also a ten-minute film in the restored dining hall of the Arab revolt of 1936-1939. If arranged in advance, interactive group activities can be arranged too. The Mediterranean archaeological museum is found opposite Tel Amal and it displays rare Greek tools, excavations from the Bet She'an Valley and a unique exhibit about the Etruscans. How to get there: Off road 669, between Hashita Junction and Bet Shean, 15 minutes from Bet Shean, bus 412 (Kavim Company) from Bet Shean to Afula reaches the site. Tel: 04-658-6219\04-658-6352 (Museum)\04-658-1017 (Tower and Stockade Site)


phone: 04-658-6219\04-658-6352\04-658-1017

Open Hours: Apr-Sep 8:00-17:00, Oct-Mar 8:00-16:00, site closes an hour earlier on Fridays and Holiday eves.

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