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The Hula Nature Reserve is a wetland home to tens of thousands aquatic birds. The Hula Valley was once an important rest-stop for migrating birds that were making their annual trip from Europe to Africa and back. After the State of Israel was established it was decided to drain the Hula swamp and to turn it in to arable land. Part of the waterscape was preserved with a 3200 dunam lake kept as a nature reserve. Thousands of birds of other 200 species stay in the reserve as they know that there is an abundance of food here. Rare aquatic plants are also sheltered here and species that have become extinct in the wild have been reintroduced in the reserve. The reserve has paths, a floating bridge over the swamp and areas from which the birds can be observed. The paths are wheelchair accessible. The Oforia Visitors Center shows visitors a model of the Hula Valley, dioramas and a multimedia presentation of a flock of migrating birds with exciting special effects. How to get there: On road 90 turn east 3km after the Yesud Hama'ala junction.


phone: 04-693-7069\04-686-0114

Open Hours: 8:00-16:00

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