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The Amburger restaurant, located in the shopping centre at the entrance to Rosh pina is wildly popular not only with tourists but also with locals. The hamburger served here is professionally-made and one can't help but notice; the burger practically melts in the mouth, is juicy, and is surrounded by excellent sauces and freshly-cut vegetables. Crunchy, non-oily French fries can be enjoyed next to the burger. A hot goulash dish is served on cold, winter days. Amburger boasts a diverse menu including dishes such as Veal Fillet Carpaccio, Fried Calamari, fresh salads and excellent pasta dishes. There are also various noodle dishes that incorporate Asian flavors. The Sea food dishes are also excellent and all steaks are made of the finest meat. Amburger has a warm atmosphere thanks to the wooden furniture, open spaces, long brown bar and hanging lamps. There are also dishes available that will please the little people among you. The desserts are also not to be missed. Address: Center HaGalil Mall, Rosh Pina


phone: 04-680-1592

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