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The Bat Ya'ar restaurant is located on the Bat Ya'ar Ranch in the Biriya Forest. The forest is a mere ten minute drive from Tzfat. There are plenty of wonderful outdoor activities to do on the Bat Ya'ar Ranch. After these hunger-inducing activities, a visit to the Bat Ya'ar Restaurant could be just perfect. The restaurant is housed in a wonderful wooden structure with a log fire warming the place in the winter and air-conditioning keeping everyone cool in the summer. A wonderful atmosphere is created with country music in the background and seating around wooden tables. Prime fresh cuts of veal that have passed a special natural ageing process are served in the restaurant. The meat ordered is cut by the grill man on site and cooked over a charcoal grill. There is seating for up to sixty people. Kosher: No license


phone: 04-6921-788

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