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Iskander restaurant is located on the banks of the Jordan, opposite the green, flowering Golan. A stone path leads the taste-buds to a gourmet meal with the sound of the flowing river in the background. Iskander is located in a gorgeous complex in the middle of nature with a gorgeous Galilean feel to it. The restaurant's specialties are meats and hot pot meals. Freshly baked goods, Turkish-style food and juicy grilled fare are all part of the package here. Iskander caters to a range of events such as meals, conventions, themed events, family events, business events and so forth. There is also a stunning balcony on which one can hold events. Kosher: Yes L'Mehadrin Where: Jordan River Rafting Site, Rosh pina


phone: 057-9442890

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 12:00-21:00, Fri 12:00-Half hour before Shabbat

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