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Jauni is a rustic, unique restaurant located in the heart of Rosh pina. The special stone building of the restaurant was, in the past, part of a silk factory. Since 1996 it has made a name for itself as an outstanding culinary establishment. The style of the restaurant is high-quality rustic with special desserts made on-site, a rich alcohol menu and a choice of Galilean wines. It is possible to enjoy a full meal or just to sit with a good beer or coffee and excellent home-made cake. A unique aspect of the restaurant is the challenging games that are placed on the table for the enjoyment of the diners. The specially-trained staff can help the diners and there are even prizes… There is also carefully-selected live music ranging from jazz to quiet Israeli rock. It is recommended to call in advance to check what performance will take place on the day you wish to visit. Kosher: There is an option for a Kosher menu


address: 30 David Shuv, Rosh Pina

phone: 04-6931-881

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 9:00-24:00

Categories : Restaurants

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