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In the olive grove on Moshav Eliad in the southern Golan heights is a magnificent tent for hosting, known as Sipurei Badim. There are excellent toilet and shower facilities nearby. Visitors can enjoy hot drinks 24/7 and the tent is equipped with a microwave, gas rings, fridges, barbecue equipment and a hot plate. Visitors can recline on the mattresses and pillows that make up the cozy atmosphere of the tent. The tent is also used for cultural events, story-telling evenings, private events, team-building evenings, etc. It is possible to request meals, artists and lecturers who, for an additional payment, will add to the special experience. It is also possible to host in the tent in the winter months. How to get there: From Tzemach travel in the direction of Ein Gev on Road 92, about 5 kilometers after Ein Gev turn right at Kursi Junction on Road 789 and travel all the way until the T junction, turn left onto Road 92 and after five kilometers turn left in to Moshav Eliad. Once inside the Moshav follow the signs.


phone: 04-6763-475\052-555-3728

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