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The Spa Village Hotel, located in Hamat Gader, is an exclusive, romantic, magical place. Thermo-mineral pools are in the center of the spa with waters coming from the Fragrant Spring, whose dominant elements are sulfur and natural minerals whose healing properties have been known for a few millennium. In addition to the pools there is a waterfall that massages with jets of water, loungers, a dry sauna and pampering treatment rooms housed in wooden chalets. Surrounded by tropical vegetation, the Spa Village has some spectacular scenic views. As the day draws to a close torches are lit around the pools, turning bathing into a truly romantic experience. Among the treatments offered at the Spa Village are Shiatsu, reflexology, hot stones, massage, water therapy, four-hand Swedish massage, Ayurveda and crystal therapy. In addition, visitors are provided with a toweling robe, disposable slippers, a free soft drink and a personal locker. There are also restaurants on site where visitors can enjoy a satisfying meal.


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