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Kesem HaTeva- The Magic of Nature- in the Golan heights community of Nov, offers an amazing experience in the beautiful Golan Heights. With special guest rooms, caravans and jeep trips on offer, visitors get to feel nature up close. Sunrise and sunset trips, nighttime safari, cowboy style outdoor cooking are just some of the attractions on offer in Kesem HaTeva. Ideal for celebrations of all kinds; Bar\Bat Mitzvahs, bachelor's parties, romantic get-aways, groups and families, Kesem HaTeva offers unforgettable experiences. Kesem HaTeva is essentially a portable guestroom that is attached to a jeep, towed into the middle of nature in a magical corner of the Golan and all that is left for visitors to do is to enjoy the glorious views and incredible quiet. The guestroom is equipped with air-conditioning, a hot shower, refrigerator, indoor and outdoor lighting, double hammock, chairs, table and barbecue facilities. High quality fresh meat and a bottle of the finest Golan wine are provided, making the experience truly perfect. A telescope also enables the visitors to view the star-filled skies. Visitors can bring their own food or order prepared food in advance. Breakfast is delivered to the door in the morning before the visitors are towed back to civilization.


phone: 052-2983-325\04-6600-008

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