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The Kosher restaurant, Prueta, is located in the heart of the colorful artist's village, Aniam, in the Golan heights. The café is situated in a small house with a huge balcony that overlooks a magnificent view of the mountains and in the evening a pleasant breeze sweeps across the balcony. Prueta is run by Dina, who turned her love of cooking and hosting into her profession, as she bakes and cooks delicious delicacies. For a rich, indulgent breakfast, one can order fresh Gebeta bread, olive focaccia accompanied by a tray of antipasti, homemade pastries, homemade jams and homemade pickled olives. In the afternoon and evening the piano melodies combined with the aromas of the sweet-potato soup and onion soup fill the air pleasantly. After the soup there are refreshing salads, Tilpia and Salmon fillets cooked with herbs and olive oil from the Golan, thin, crispy Pizza, rich pasta dishes and Mediterranean Shakshuka. For dessert there are cheese cakes, chocolate soufflé, apple pie and pecan pie. Dina has an assistant, a young and talented chef, and together they will give you a feeling of home, and what a home…


address: Aniam Artist's Village, Golan Heights

phone: 057-9440883

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 10:30-last customer, Fri 9:30-hour before Shabbat, Sat Hour after Shabbat-last customer. It is possible to arrange an earlier opening time in advance…

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