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In the Central Golan heights is the Gamla Nature Reserve. The Reserve is a wonderful combination of nature, landscape and historical remains. The number of raptors found there is unique in proportion to the small size of the reserve. The reserve also includes one of the world's most ancient synagogues. There is a cliff-edge observation station from which visitors can view Griffon vultures that nest in Gamla's cliffs in the largest colony in the country. There is another lookout in the 50 meter high Gamla waterfall; Israel's highest waterfall. There are huge, table-shaped stone burial monuments built some 4,000 years ago that can be seen on the way to the waterfall. There are a variety of trails in the reserve with some being suitable for families and others for more experienced hikers. Remains of the ancient city of Gamla are found at the foot of a steep trail, about twenty minutes from the observation point of the ruins. Gamla was a prosperous Jewish town in the time of the Second Temple and became famous for its battle against the Romans in the time of the Great Revolt in 67 CE. The ruins include a synagogue that pre-dates the destruction of the Second Temple, an aqueduct, a ritual bath and arrows and ballistae balls that attest to the battle that took place there.


address: How to get there: From the road around the Sea of Galilee, take the road to the Gamla Junction-Daliyot Junction road (number 869), turn north for about 2km to the sign-posted turnoff to the reserve.

phone: 04-682-2285

Open Hours: 8:00-17:00 Oct-Mar 8:00-16:00

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