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The Hazur Stream is four kilometers long and is found in the northern part of the Golan heights. It begins near to the Druze village of Majdal Shams by the burial site of Nabi Hazuri, where there is also a memorial site for the fallen soldiers of the Egoz Patrol and ends at the Nimrod Fortress. The stream is a tributary of the Govta Stream, which is one of the sources of the Banias Stream. Along the banks of the stream there is a thick Mediterranean grove, which includes oak, Terebinth, Judas trees and True Laurel. The end of the winter and the beginning of the spring sees strongly flowing waters and beautiful cascades. At the end of the summer and in the fall there are minor falls. Along the route there are the remains of a large gristmill and the exciting way passes between and on top of rock and inside shady tunnels that were created by the forest. In some places, you will need to hold on to branches in order to jump over rocky obstacles.


address: The route begins at the parking lot of the memorial site for the fallen soldiers of Egoz.

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