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The Jilabun Stream is one of the most popular streams in the Golan heights. It flows for fifteen kilometers in the central Golan Heights. The nature reserve part of the stream is the dramatic canyon in the hard basalt rock, a truly beautiful sight. In the nature reserve there are several trails, of varying difficulties. There are two large waterfalls in the Jilabun Stream, one; the twenty-meter-high Dvora waterfall and the other, the Jilabun waterfall at the height of forty meters. At the foot of the waterfalls are delightful natural pools, surrounded by water flora. The Jilabun stream starts out at Kibbutz Ortal and joins together with the Jordan River by the Pkak Bridge. South of the Jilabun are deserted Syrian military outposts. The Jilabun Stream is located north of Katzrin. From Highway 90 turn eastward to the Mahanayim Junction. When you get to the Mishmar HaYarden Junction continue towards the Golan Heights, across the Bnot Ya'akov Bridge, climbing up Route 91. About a mile after the Nashot Junction there is a left turn towards a dirt road which is marked red. There will be signposts directing you to the stream. If you drive a couple of kilometers down the dirt road and turn right at the junction you'll arrive at the car park.


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