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Mount Avital Nature Reserve

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The Mount Avital Nature Reserve contains Mount Avital (1204m) and Mount Bental (1165m), two craters of a single volcano. The peak of Mount Avital was the burial place of the Sheikh Abu Nida and according to local tradition, he was attributed with the ability of being able to cause rain. Today, the peak is home to an army base and access to the site is forbidden. Mount Bental has stunning views in every direction and rare wild flowers can be found in the nature reserve. The Coffee Anan Café can be found on top of Mount Bental- the highest café in Israel. Mount Bental also has an observation point from which Syria, Lebanon and northern Israel can be viewed. There is also an Israeli bunker open to visitors and an automatic explanation center in Hebrew and English. The Mount Avital Nature Reserve is suitable to visit all year round.


address: Off Route 9981, near Kibbutz Merom Golan, north of Avital junction with Route 91.

phone: 04-682-0664

Categories : Nature Parks



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