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The Mount Hermon Nature Reserve is located in the northern Golan heights and was declared a nature reserve in 1974. Mount Hermon is the most northern and highest point in Israel and outside of the nature reserve is also found Israel's only ski resort. The reserve offers magnificent landscape, breathtaking views and ancient sites. The reserve is perfect to explore both in the winter, when the peak is capped with snow and in the summer when flowers, butterflies and wildlife fill the mountain. Due to the height of the mountain, the growth and blooming of vegetation begins at the top of the mountain already in August, instead of in spring. Birds that commonly be viewed in the reserve include the White-throated Robin, Western Rock Nuthatch, Sombre Tit and Northern Wheater. Additionally, many species of butterflies can be seen, including 23species that are unique to the Hermon Nature Reserve and don’t exist in the rest of Israel.


Open Hours: 8:00-16:00

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