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Nahal Elal Reserve offers an inviting route that encompasses the Elal Stream, a perennial stream that has two famous waterfalls which have carved through the local basalt stone. The color of basaltic stone in the Golan heights is black and this is therefore the color of the first waterfall. The second waterfall is white due to the force of the water uncovering the white chalkstone. Each waterfall has its own pool- a tempting offer for a hiker on a hot summer's day… There are four options for this route- a short route, a medium-length route, the entire route and a ring-route of the entire route. How to get there: The route begins in Henyon HaMapalim near the religious Moshav of Avnei Eitan. It should be noted that on Saturdays and holidays access to Henyon HaMapalim is via a dirt path that bypasses the Moshav, so as not to offend the religious members by driving on the usual route which passes through the Moshav. The route is of medium difficulty and is about 4 kilometers long.



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