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The Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve covers 16,500 acres in the central Golan heights, is shaped like a hand and each finger is a flowing stream. The forest itself in the reserve covers a third of the reserve with the most common tree being the large Mt. Tabor oak tree. Animals that can be found in the reserve are gazelles, wild boars, jackals, conies, Indian-crested porcupines and the Cairo spiny mouse. Raptors such as kestrels, short-toed eagles, Bonelli's eagles, Egyptian vultures, buzzards, Griffon vultures and a large variety of song birds can be seen in the skies above the nature reserve. The five main streams in the nature reserve are the Meshushim, Yehudiya, Daliyot, Zavitan and Gamla. Dozens of shallow tributaries make up these streams and magnificent basalt canyons and high waterfalls are created by the flow of the streams, ending in lagoons and wetlands. The streams are marked with a number of streams, varying in levels of difficulty. Make sure to stop by the information center on site in order to get the latest information on the condition of the trails in the reserve.


address: The reserve is located off the Yehudiya-Hushniya Road (no. 87), 7km east of the Yehudiya junction, approximately 5.5 km south of Katzrin.

phone: 04-696-2817\04-696-3043

Open Hours: Apr-Sep 8:00-17:00, Oct-Mar 8:00-16:00, Fri & Holiday Eves 8:00-15:00

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