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The Zavitan Stream is the longest stream in the Golan heights region. Zavit in Hebrew means angle and the stream got its name due to the different angles at which the water flows, due to the cracks in the basalt rocks, over which it flows. Along the trail of the Zavitan stream are beautiful waterfalls, the biggest of which is the Zavitan Waterfall, which falls from a height of twenty-five meters. Along the length of the stream are tens of pools that are shaded by flora, an aqueduct, fig trees and hexagon and pentagon shaped basalt pillars that are also found in the Hexagons Pool which is located in the lower part of the Zavitan Stream. The Zavitan Stream is the perfect route in the spring and summer months, with its cool water pool and it is also suitable for families of experienced hikers. The route is non-circular.


address: The route begins in Katzrin which can reached via route 87 that ascends from the Yehudiya Junction, north to the Sea of Galilee.

phone: 04-682-0238

Open Hours: Apr-Sep 8:00-17:00, Oct-Mar 8:00-16:00, Fri and Holiday Eves 8:00-15:00

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