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Near the Galim neighborhood and Rosh HaCarmel area, one can find one of the most famous and oldest beaches in Haifa. This beach is well-loved by local residents who successfully fought for it in the past against real-estate sharks. The long, pleasant beach strip is frequented by families, youth and the elderly and features benches, plenty of shade and playgrounds. The southern part of the beach is particularly popular with wave and wind surfers. The promenade features cafes, restaurants and a fabulous children's playground in the shape of a pirate ship. The unique playground is built out of wood and was contributed by Shayetet 13- the Israeli Navy's elite commando unit. Entrance and parking are free. How to get there: Eastern entrance- from Ha'aliya Hashniya Street through Charles Lutz Street along the wall of the naval base. Western entrance- from Ha'aliya Hashniya Street through Bat Galim Avenue.


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