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Dado Beach Dado Beach is a beautiful beach with a wide array of attractions on offer. rating : 5 5 0 out of 5 / 3 votes

Dado Beach is named in memory of David (Dado) Elazar who was the Chief of Staff during the Yom Kippur War. The beach, located across from the Hof HaCarmel train station, is known for the gardens along it's boardwalk, restaurants, coffee shops, free parking, dancing arena, play stations, toddlers pool and amphitheatre.
The beach boasts a long boardwalk which begins at the southern tip of Dado Beach and ends at the northern tip of the Carmel Beach. It is particularly lovely on Saturdays to see the local folk dance the morning/evening away. In the spring and summer months, the dancing begins at 18:00, in the winter/fall months, it begins at 11:00.
There are four lifeguard stations along the beach.
At the northern part of Dado Beach, there are facilities for the handicapped available, adjacent to the north lifeguard station (number one). The facilities include reserved parking, fitted showers and bathrooms and inclines ensuring easy access to and from the beach.


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Great! reviewed July 3, 2013

Whenever we pop in to Haifa we can't resist visiting this beach- a long stretch of clean sand, a promenade, easy to reach by train and bus and shady areas for those who don't like burning in the sun- just a lovely beach all round!
a lovely day out! reviewed May 24, 2013

For all those visiting Haifa, make sure to dedicate a day to the beach- specifically Dado Beach- easily accessible by train and bus, plenty of room, plenty of locals, great eateries and just a perfect day out.
Our favorite beach! reviewed March 4, 2013

This is our family's favorite beach- pool for the toddlers, places to sit and drink a cup of coffee by the sea, picnic tables for family get-togethers, clean toilets, fantstic beach at any time of day...

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