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Kababir is a special neighborhood in Haifa, made up of Jews and Ahmadi Muslim Arabs. Kababir was formerly an Arab village and is the only community in Israel whose residents belong to the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam. The Ahmadiyya movement has millions of followers worldwide and was founded in India in the late nineteenth century. The founder of the sect, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani of Punjab, India, arrived in Kababir and persuaded the inhabitants to join the sect. According to the theology of the sect, jihad (holy war in the name of Islam) must only be carried out through negotiation and goodwill, not through violence. Ahmadiyyans follow all of the commandments of Islam but oppose the concept of jihad, while preaching for brotherhood of nations. There is a Center for the Ahmadiyyan Delegation to Countries of the Middle East in the village. Another place of interest in the village is the mosque which was built in the 1970s and stands out, in particular because of its two towers.


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