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The German Colony The German Colony; a historical journey into Haifa's early days. rating : 5 5 0 out of 5 / 3 votes

At the foot of the Bahai Gardens, lies the German Colony. The story behind the area is that in 1868 Christoph Hoffman and Georg David Hardegg came from Germany to Haifa. The men were members of the Templar Society who are credited with developing Haifa; at the time Haifa was a town of just 4,000 people.
The main street in the German Colony was one of the most beautiful streets in the period and was much admired- thirty meters wide and lined on both sides with trees, stone houses with red-shingled roofs.  
The German Colony has been undergoing renovations and signs placed in front of various buildings enable visitors to understand more about the beginnings of the colony.
One of the first buildings in the German Colony is the Beit Am (House of the People), which is being renovated today. It served as a house of worship and community center.
In the summer, street theater brings the German Colony to life, with students from Haifa University's Theater Department performing.


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location, location, location! reviewed April 30, 2013

Excellent location with many coffee shops, restaurants and bars as well as being fantastically close to the famous Bahai Gardens
A glimpse into the history of Haifa reviewed February 24, 2013

Our group stayed here and thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant, highly accessible, history-filled area.

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