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The Sculpture Garden The Sculpture Garden displays 29 beautiful bronze sculptures that were created by Ursula Malbin. rating : 3.5 3.5 0 out of 5 / 1 votes

The Sculpture Garden, also known as Mitzpor HaShalom which means "Vista of Peace", displays twenty-nine beautiful bronze sculptures that were all created and donated by the sculptures Ursula Malbin.
Ursula Malbin was born in Germany in 1917. She fled from Germany in 1939, met the sculptor Henri Paquet in Geneva, married him in 1941 and began sculpting in Switzerland. She bought a home in the Ein Hod Artist's Village in 1966 and now splits her time between Switzerland and Israel.
Since 1978 Ursula Malbin donated the twenty-nine sculptures that are displayed in the garden and this park is actually the first park in the world that is dedicated to the works of a single sculptures. The Sculpture Garden has a stunning view of the Haifa bay, the hills of Galilee and Lebanon.


address: 2 Zionism Avenue

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Pleasant Family-Friendly Place reviewed August 5, 2013

We often stop by with our kids- it is a lovely green location with a fantastic view that is easy to get to on public transport- don't expect to spend too much time here. Visitors who I have taken here have mixed feelings about the sculptures- some love 'em, some don't think too much of them- well that's that way it is with artistic expressions..

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