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Beit Hagefen is an Arab-Jewish Center, established in 1963 by then mayor Abba Khoushi. The Center offers guided tours that are centered around the theme of coexistence, with at least six tours to choose from, each one exploring a different part of Haifa. Community communities are also offered at Beit Hagefen and it is also home to an art gallery and an Arab language theater. The Center holds two yearly festivals; the Holiday of Holidays in December and the Arab Theater Month in May and June. Meetings between Jewish and Arab students are held here, as are workshops for community communication. On the Holiday of Holidays, an Arabic neighborhood called Wadi Nisnas hosts the festival, with the neighborhood becoming an outdoor gallery that features one hundred works of art by both Arab and Jewish artists from across Israel. There is a highly-recommended guided tour available which takes about an hour and a half. Group tours offered by the Center are available in English, French, Hebrew and Arabic and all must be booked in advance. There are also tours for individuals of Wadi Nisnas on Saturdays at 12:00.


address: 2 Hagefen Street, Haifa

phone: 04-852-5252\04-852-5251

Categories : Museums

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really cool cultural center reviewed May 7, 2018

Beit Ha'Gefen is the jewel of haifa!

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