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The Hermann Struck Museum will be opening some time in 2012. Hermann Struck was one of the most important print artists of Germany and Israel in the first half of the twentieth century. He lived between 1876 and 1944 and in the forty plus years of his career he created innumerable works on paper- portraits and landscapes. His famous portraits include great scientists and thinkers of the time such as Herzl. Struck was also well-known for his Zionist activities, both in Israel and on a global scale. He was a regular participant in the annual Zionist Congress. He became well-known as a teacher of graphic art, teaching already while still in Germany. Max Lieberman, Lovis Corinth, Marc Chagall, Jacob Steindhart and Joseph Budko were all among his students. In 1922, Struck moved from Berlin to Haifa and his settling there was a huge cultural event for the art world in Israel. He contributed greatly to the artistic community of northern Israel, especially Haifa. Struck lived in a three-storey house at 23 Arlozorov Street and it was there that he recreated his Berlin studio and taught his students various print techniques, including the likes of Anna Ticho, Zvi Goldstein-Gali, Arie Erich Glass, Yosef Ehrlich and Meir Ben-Uri. Struck's home looks out over the Haifa Bay and Emek Zebulun and is currently undergoing refurbishment and repairs to preserve its original character. It will serve as a museum that aims to illuminate all aspects of Struck's life; artistic, cultural and social. His furniture, personal belongings and books will be integrated together with his art pieces. On the upper floor will be a creativity center for children and youth and workshops that offer a variety of artistic activities. There will be changing exhibitions of Struck's works, the history of art and the art of print which he developed. There will also be a new building erected next to Struck's home which will serve as an educational and community center that will deal with art education in general and that of print in particular.


address: 23 Arlozorov Street, Hadar HaCarmel, Haifa

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