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The City of David Visitor's Center The City of David Visitor's Center takes visitors back over three thousand years ago to the time of King David. rating : 5 5 0 out of 5 / 26 votes

Over three-thousand years ago King David left the city of Hebron and moved to a hilltop city by the name of Jerusalem, which he then established as the capital of the land. David's son, Solomon later built the First Temple on the nearby Mount Moriah, the very same place where Abraham had bound his son Isaac, and Jerusalem thus became the most important site in the world for Jewish people.

The City of David is still very much alive today. With exciting archaeological discoveries being made all the time, providing some of the most exciting finds from the ancient world, above ground the city is a non-stop center of activity with fascinating tours offered by the Visitor's Center, allowing visitors to learn about the place where most of the Bible was authored.

The tour takes visitors back 3,800 years at it's stunning starting point overlooking Biblical Jerusalem, followed by a look at some of the most recent excavations, reliving King David's conquest of the city as described in the Bible. The tour ends at the Gihon spring which was not only the main water source of the city, but was also where King Solomon was appointed king. In addition, those looking for some adventure can wade through the 2,700 year old water tunnel created in King Hezekiah's time.

This magnificent tour takes visitors back in time to the very beginning of this magical city so that they can't help but leave with a new appreciation for the only place on earth where the Bible itself is the only guidebook needed.

How to get there: All Jerusalem inner-city buses that go to the Old City. By car, enter Jaffa Gate, exit through Dung Gate, make a left, take first right and Visitor's Center is on left-hand side

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phone: 02-626-8700

Open Hours: Winter Sun-Thu 08:00-17:00, Fri & Holiday Eves 08:00-14:00, Sat Closed Summer Sun-Thu 08:00-19:00, Fri & Holiday Eves 08:00-15:00, Sat Closed

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do NOT miss!!! reviewed May 7, 2013

Our guide took us here- we'd never even heard about it- it was possibly the best part of our trip-incredible historical and archaeological discoveries that just leaves one in awe
Fantastic family-day-out reviewed February 13, 2013

We had an amazing family day out here- Hezekiah's Tunnel was definitely the highlight for us- many special memories were made here

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