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Moses Montefiore Windmill The Moses Montefiore Windmill is one of the most popular landmarks outside the Old City. rating : 4 4 0 out of 5 / 33 votes

The Moses Montefiore Windmill stands in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, a quaint suburb facing the western side of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Windmill was erected in 1857, stands eighteen meters high and is one of  the most popular landmarks outside the Old City.

Sir Moses Montefiore was an Anglo-Jewish philanthropist who built the Windmill in an attempt to provide employment for the poor Jewish population of the city. The Windmill and two sets of houses that he established were effectively the first Jewish Quarter outside the walls of the Old City. The Windmill was, in it's time, ultra-modern and was used until steam-powered mills made it out-dated. In the War of Independence the Moses Montefiore Windmill served as an observation point for Jewish fighters and was blown up by the British authorities in an attempt to hinder the Israeli defense.

The Windmill was restored by the Jerusalem Foundation and was converted to a very popular museum dedicated to the life of Sir Moses Montefiore. The houses he built  form a Jewish Artist's Colony, including a music center and guesthouse.

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