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Dolphin Yam Dolphin Yam specializes in seafood as well as offering a huge selection of Israeli fish dishes. rating : 0 No votes yet

Dolphin Yam translates to mean Sea Dolphin and is one of Jerusalem's old-time culinary establishments, serving seafood in one of the hottest restaurant districts in Jerusalem- Ben-Shetach Street.

Dolphin Yam's specialization is non-Kosher, moderately-priced seafood with shrimps with a variety of sauces, fried calamari and blue lobsters baked in the oven. A huge selection of Israeli fish is also on offer.

Dolphin Yam also caters to those who aren't so keen on fish with steaks, pastas, vegetarian dishes and children's dishes on offer.

Kosher: No


address: 9 Ben-Shetach Street

phone: 02-623-2272

Open Hours: Every day 11:00-00:00

Categories : Restaurants

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