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Jerusalem Restaurants

It is true that the range of Jerusalem eateries will never rival that of cosmopolitan Tel aviv. Having said that, one can eat very well in the capital city. Jewish people ask G-d three times a day to return them to the holy land and Jerusalem eateries are the perfect reflection of the ingathering of the people from all four corners of the earth. French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Continental, American, Indian, Thai and Chinese restaurants can all be found in Jerusalem, with far more Kosher establishments than in Tel Aviv. The food is just as varied and delicious and the Kosher aspect does not stop the food from being delightful!

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Focaccia Bar is actually a family-friendly restaurant built around a garden. In one corner they have a Tabun oven which they use to make a focaccia that comes hot with every meal with a choice of dips and toppings. If you are not into bread, Focaccia offers an international menu, including pizzas, burgers, seafood, stir-fries and more.

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