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The Lakiya Negev Bedouin Weaving was established in 1991 as an income project for the Bedouin women living in the Negev, South Israel. Approximately 150 women develop the traditional skills of spinning and weaving the wool and discover new skills of dyeing, producing and managing a business. Lakiya's rugs are all hand-woven on traditional ground looms using the wool of local desert sheep. The aim of the project is to revive and preserve a craft that is central to the Bedouin social and cultural heritage, with traditional patterns and colors incorporated into the contemporary lifestyle products. A visit to the Lakiya Negev Weaving Visitor's Center provides visitors with a chance to learn first-hand about the Bedouin way of life. One can go on a weaving tour led by Bedouin women and even hold a family event in the beautiful Bedouin tent which can hold up to 100 people. One can order Bedouin food, music and storytelling for the complete, authentic experience.


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Heidi Paredes
An authentic visit to the Bedouin community in the Negev reviewed April 13, 2017

Authentic encounter with Bedouin women, their heritage, their stories and their unique woven carpets. Worth visiting!

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