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Ein Yorkeam is a large, beautiful spring that is part of the Hatira Stream. Immediately after the spring the canyon aspect of the stream becomes very pronounced. The spring is hidden under a deep dorsum that floods the entire area in the winter. Around the spring is bountiful flora, such as reeds and tamarisks. The route is a tough, long one with two difficult ascents and incredible views throughout. There are waterfalls and streams along the way. Those doing the trail must make sure to bring large amounts of water and it is recommended to start the hike in the early hours of the morning. There is a danger of floods in the winter. The route can be done from either direction. It should be noted that there is a serious problem of thieves breaking into vehicles in the area so a car should not be left unattended. How to get there: From the entrance junction into Dimona, travel east in the direction of Eilat. After eight kilometers you'll get to a right turn to the Rotem factories. Turn right; continue on the winding road for about 12 kilometers until you get to a sign for Ein Yorkeam to the left. There is a camping site here and the footpath begins from here.


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