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Makhtesh Ramon is located south of Be'er Sheva in the Central Negev. Commonly translated as crater, Makhtesh is actually better translated as mortar as it is not a crater created by meteorite but by rainwater wearing away at cracks formed by geological folding. The rainwater caused the cracks to become wider, washing the sand of the sandstone away with it but leaving the limestone stratum in place. This led to an unusual phenomenon whereby the limestone stratum was unaffected but the sand underneath it had disappeared. Eventually the limestone became too heavy and collapsed, causing the ridge to become even larger. This physical weathering process has been continuing for thousands of years. Makhtesh Ramon is at the center of two nature reserves; Har HaNegev and Matzok Hatzinim. The Makhtesh is 25 miles long and 5 miles wide at its widest point. At the southwest corner of the Makhtesh is Mount Ramon, which at 3,400 feet is the highest peak in the Negev. The name Ramon comes from the Arabic word, "Ruman," meaning Romans. Two campgrounds are situated on the east side of the main road and there are a number of pathways for both the casual and serious hikers. A variety of plants and animals can be enjoyed in the Ramon area. Rappelling over the edge of the crater is also a popular attraction. Additionally, there is an Alpaca farm in Mitzpe Ramon which is home to alpacas and Llamas for the production of wool. Mitzpe Ramon is also a great place for star gazing due to the clear, unpolluted air and there is an observatory on Mount Ramon.


address: Via road 40- at Mitzpe Ramon follow the signs.

phone: 08-658-8691\8

Open Hours: Visitors Center Sat-Thu 8:00-17:00, Fri 8:00-16:00, In Oct-March the site closes an hour earlier.

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Amazing views reviewed January 15, 2013

such a beauty place . Spiritual sense of elation. you fill close to entity that created this place.

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